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Zero to Viral

Zero to Viral

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Content creation is the new hot job today.

But how do you win at it?

Sharan Hegde decodes this hot new profession in this book. He went from zero to a million followers across social media in a year, with no prior claim to fame. And he did this by creating content that people loved, enjoyed, and learned from.

Zero to Viral covers what makes a successful creator, and what goes behind creating content that people love. Supplemented with accounts of other successful creators, this book has all the secrets that Google won’t tell you. In a nutshell, this book covers:

  • Sharan's early journey as a content creator
  • His content creation process as he grew to a million followers
  • Frameworks for creating content that goes viral
  • The psychology behind virality
  • How to think about personal branding
  • Understanding different social media platforms in depth
  • The future of content creation and how much money could be made
  • Learnings from experiences of 3 other top creators - Ankur Warikoo, Rachana Ranade, Komal Pandey
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