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Deep Trivedi's Everything is Psychology

Deep Trivedi's Everything is Psychology

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This is the first-ever book that explains how and why everything is psychology. More importantly, it answers the biggest question of life - ‘Is hard work and effort really necessary?’ as everyone wants to set their life, come what may! However, the problem faced by many is that their life is not getting set even after trying hard and making painstaking efforts, which naturally brings up the question – Do we really need to try so hard and make relentless efforts? Can’t we achieve anything without much effort?

In response to all these questions, this book, for the first time, explains the science and psychology behind ‘Doing and Happening’. And it is crucial to grasp these because 'not doing' is not causing as much trouble as 'doing more than necessary' does; whereas the achievers, instead of doing everything themselves, are allowing many things to simply happen in their life. Written in simple language, ‘Everything is Psychology’ by bestselling author Deep Trivedi reveals the untold secrets of life and universe, while taking you on a fascinating journey into a whole new world of psychology.

The book sheds light on:

  • How everything—from a particle to a planet and from human mind to life—is just a psychology?
  • How everything, from hard work and efforts to failure and success, is also nothing but psychology?
  • Why nothing, from universe to human mind and life, is stable even for a fraction of a moment?
  • Is it necessary to make efforts for positive changes to ‘happen’ or can they occur even ‘without doing anything’?
  • How is the earth spinning on its axis for eons without any effort, and that too with absolute perfection?
  • What is ‘happening’ and how can man align himself with ‘happening’ and achieve all that he wants with barely any effort?

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