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Shattered Obsession: A Dark Hockey Romance Paperback

Shattered Obsession: A Dark Hockey Romance Paperback

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He’s a hockey God and her brother’s best friend.
She’s starting over in NYC and helping clear his name.
They’re navigating a dangerous game, torn between loyalty, love, and a life-changing secret from the past.


Everything in life is temporary; and eventually everyone leaves. Everyone except for my older brother Aaron, who is a billionaire realtor residing in New York City. We haven't seen each other in a while but that’s about to change. Thanks to my PR company relocating me to our NYC office, which means I will be moving in with Aaron.

And guess who lives in the same building? His best friend, Dominik Lewis, the captain of the NY Slashers pro hockey team and the guy who has had a grudge against me forever. To make matters worse, Dominik recently got himself into some trouble for being a notorious player, and I’ve been reluctantly assigned to help clear his name.

But how do you pretend to date someone who can’t even stand to be in the same room as you?


She is the sole object of all my pain and desire.

I’ve spent years trying to let go of my obsession with my best friend’s sister. Especially after that night in Boston, at a masquerade ball where a terrible secret was born. I’ve pushed everything aside and focused on what truly matters: hockey.

It was all going well until Zoe showed up out of the blue, throwing my life into complete disarray. The past and present are intertwining, but I need to forget the night she unknowingly revealed her darkest fantasies to me.

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