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Sherlock Holmes - The Complete Novels Premium Paperback

Sherlock Holmes - The Complete Novels Premium Paperback

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Meet Sherlock Holmes-eccentric genius and brilliant detective. Using the science of deduction, Holmes cracks cases
that baffle even the police. When the famous sleuth moves into rooms at 221B Baker Street in London with Dr John Watson, a medic returned from the war front, the two begin a warm and enduring friendship-and a series of exciting adventures.

This volume contains the four novels featuring the world's most famous detective. Narrated by Dr Watson, the adventures in this volume are packed with multi-layered mysteries-a grisly murder, a daring robbery, mysterious messages, strange sights and sounds, shadowy alliances, and secret societies-and are truly epic.

A thrilling collection of the most famous detective novels ever written, 
Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels brings
together four timeless classics of the mystery genre.

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