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The Tintin Collection

The Tintin Collection

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Adventures of Tintin have been lauded by both serious readers of books and lovers of comic books. The adventures are full of good story plots that are often based on political turmoil in smaller countries, or those far away from a staid Belgium. Tintin often finds himself in serious trouble in the line of duty as a boy reporter for a newspaper. He has his faithful dog Snowy to help him on his adventures. Much later, he is joined by Captain Haddock, a hard drinking, curse spewing Captain. After they discover a treasure that belonged to Captain Haddock, they live in Marlinspike Hall, where criminals often come calling, trying to create trouble. Professor Calculus, an absent minded genius also falls in with them, sometimes creating more trouble and sometimes helping them. Bianca Castafiore is a recurring character. She is an Opera singer and is often used as comic relief. The comics based on Tintin's adventure has sold over 200 million copies. It has been translated into numerous languages from the original French that it was written in. Drawn in Herge's trademark Ligne Claire (Clear Line) they have won not only the hearts of the masses but also the admiration of discerning classes. About the author: Herge is the pen name of Georges Prosper Remi was born in Belgium in 1907. He started his career as a cartoonist by submitting illustrations to newspapers. In 1926 he created his first comic series called Tintin. It revolved around a boy reporter Tintin and his dog Snowy. Soon the series was printed in book form. His series of illustrations were being published even when Belgium was under Nazi occupation. For this, he often faced charges of being a Nazi collaborator. In 1946 he established Tintin magazine and serialised adventures of Tintin in it. His beautiful drawings in Tintin have ensured immortality to him. The series is acknowledged as the best Cartoon series ever.

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