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Trading in the Zone (Paperback)

Trading in the Zone (Paperback)

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Even the most astute, highly motivated, well-grounded traders can be crippled by counter-productive thinking that leads to poor decisions and trading errors. They suffer from an inability to stay objectively focused or lack the necessary confidence to execute their trades properly. Or they let mental contradictions and misconceptions about trading or the nature of the market rule their trades.

In this book the reader will learn that maximizing the trader's state of mind is the key to successful results. Douglas teaches traders to think in terms of probabilities and to adopt the core beliefs necessary to assuming the "winner's mindset." Traders in the "zone" don't need to know ~ and don't care ~ what the market is going to do next. They know what they are going to do next. And that makes all the difference.

From the Back Cover
"Although I consider Mark a close friend, I still feel privileged to write a review for a book that has made such a substantial contribution to the development and success of traders all over the world. Trading in the Zone is not to be read and placed on the shelf with the rest of the "trading" books. You'll find like many traders that its place is on your desk as a companion. And it's not just about trading. Trading in the Zone will also help you approach your daily life in a more positive and insightful manner. I continually recommend to the traders that I mentor to read at least three pages of Trading in the Zone a day. I've found it has the effect of transforming a person's thinking in ways that allow them to trade without the kind of fears that can cause them to make trading errors or generally get in the way of their own success."
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